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Naomi Jarvis Pura Vida
Naomi Jarvis Pura Vida

I have been blessed to have seen much of the world and experienced living in many different countries.
Walking along a beach at sunrise fills my soul, helps me find peace, happiness and gives me a deep sense of tranquility.
Don’t wait for the perfect time, the perfect partner… dare to dream, feel the fear then leap, live the moment!
If you are interested in a ‘wellness retreat’ to Barbados or Costa Rica in 2021 or would just like some travel inspiration or advice please contact me below. 

Where are you going and what will you see?
Won’t you be lonely with just white sand, sun and sea
The food will be local, the people too
You might experience a different cultural view
You could drown in the waterfalls, get mugged at the zoo
Or climb a mountain and see a spectacular view
Why see the sunrise paint the sky pink and blue
Or watch the sunset over the ocean so blue
As you become a storyteller and feel almost renewed

But it’s a terrible risk, I’d stay home…
If I were you!

Yoga Retreat

Pura Vida Naomi Jarvis

Join me in 2021 on a Yoga Retreat to the amazing Costa Rica!

Send me a message to find out more.

The above photos are selected and are available for sale on Getty Images.
Originals can be purchased from me directly at a 50% discount for business use.
Please contact me if you would like an original to use for personal use or wall art.



The Ocean.

Listening to the waves.

Watching the sunset.

Because nothing else makes sense.

2021 Costa Rica or Barbados Yoga Retreat.

If you are interested in joining me on a yoga retreat to Costa Rica in 2021, please get in touch.

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