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Calming our breath helps us to calm our mind. 

When we are stressed we tend to take short shallow breaths. 

Taking a few minutes everyday to ‘work on our breath’ can substantially increase our oxygen intake, help to energise us and improve our performance. 

Pranayama knowledge and connecting our mind and body to our breath is a fundamental part of Yoga practice but it also helps us with our daily lives in every respect. 

Breathing Pura Vida

Inhale . Exhale

Each inhale and exhale we make can vitalize, calm, and help you develop a deeper mind-body connection.

Breathing videos & audio.

Please listen to the following audio recordings a couple of times.  And then the hard bit get on to your mat and do it everyday.

You owe it to you to ‘take 5’ and maybe it will help you to feel focus, improve your practice or help you sleep better….. let me know. 

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Wellness and Nature

The following blog was written by my Yogi mentor and friend Lura. I think it is relevant to all

Breathing Pura Vida

An acquaintance recently asked me ‘Are you always this happy and positive. And as confident and motivated as you

learn more about breathing.

If you would like to know more about breathing techniques or would like to join me on a wellness retreat later in 2020 or in 2021, please get in touch.

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